It's all about the people - creative people who know how to write a song, who know how to make interesting music at the cutting edge of whatever genre / field they are working in, music that has the ability to move people and make them want to hear more - people and music with passion !

Our aim is to nurture and help an artist achieve their goals, whether via management, as an independent label, or both. It's not an easy ride and takes a lot of hard work, trust and commitment to achieve even a modicum of success, so when we come across something that we believe is truly special and worthwhile we will only proceed when we are 100% convinced that our enthusiasm will be matched by that of the artist.

Formed in 2002 by John and Jill Clay, with joint experience in music, marketing, law, business and people management, all contracts are tailor made to suit each artist and are designed to be fair and equitable to both parties.